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The Section Tankard is so named because at the time when it was introduced in 1996, most trophies were being paid for by one of more of the existing members and named in their honour, but this tankard was bought and paid for by the croquet club itself.  What are now Interest Groups within Phyllis Court were then known as "Sections".

When introduced in 1996, it was for the 'Open Singles C class', the third level of AC singles competition within the club behind the A level (Boucher Trophy) and B level (Bucknall Tankard).

By 2011, however, the Bucknall Tankard was being awarded to the runner-up in the unrestricted Open competition, and the Section Tankard awarded to the winner of the second-string competition, then open to those of handicap 14 and above.  That handicap qualification was reduced to 9+ in 2013 and to its current 5+ in 2015, although as with a number of the AC competitions and tournaments, there have been years when it has not been awarded due to a shortage of entrants.

Winners of the Section Tankard

1996    Ken Plater

1997    K Whiteley

1998    Keith Noble

1999    Ken Plater

2000    Mrs Margaret Cotterell

2001    Mrs Margaret Cotterell

2002    K Whiteley

2003    - not awarded -

2004    J Tankard

2005    J Tankard

2006    - not awarded -

2007    J Tankard

2008    - not awarded -

2009    - not awarded -

2010    - not awarded -

2011    Mrs Frances Colman

2012    Mrs Elizabeth O'Dair

2013    Brian Bucknall

2014    - not awarded -

2015    Mrs Elizabeth O'Dair

2016    - not awarded -

2017    Mrs Frances Colman

2018    - not awarded -

2019    Raghu Iyer

2020    Robin Coates

2021    - not awarded -

2022    - not awarded -

2023    Raghu Iyer

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