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Golf Croquet 10+ Singles Tournament, 27th July 2023
for the 'Green Ball' Trophy
27 July - Christine Searle wins final of our 10+ Singles (Green Ball) tournament no.2.

The second 10+ Singles tournament of the year was a close run affair won in the end by the experienced Christine Searle.

The morning blocks were won by Maureen Ward, Diana Zatouroff and Searle who were all undefeated, and Jonathan Pendennis who lost one game but had a better 'net hoops' score than Liz Smith.

There were joined in the quarter-finals by Rob Eagle. Jeff Cornacchia, Smith and the returning Mireille O'Brien, who it was good to see back playing again.

O'Brien looked the strongest on show and she got past Ward 7-4, a score line that was match by Pendennis and Searle who defeated Cornacchia and Smith respectively, whilst Eagle made short work of Zatouroff 7-2.

Pendennis stopped O'Brien's run in their semi 7-4 and he now took on the favourite tag for the final, especially as Searle had a very tough semi against Eagle, eventually winning a very long game 7-6.

Searle did well to get straight back into action after a minimal rest and she turned back the years to win 7-5, as Pendennis fell away at the end of his first six-game tournament.

Eagle beat O'Brien for third place and the Plate final (for 9th place) was left unplayed by mutual consent between Ian Runnalls and Hilary Cowley.

Green Ball 27 July 2003 IMG_3854 (2).jpg
Green Ball 27 July 2003 IMG_3854 (3).jpg
Green Ball 27 July 2003 IMG_3854 (4).jpg
Green Ball 27 July 2003 IMG_3854 (1).jpg
Green Ball 27 July 2003 IMG_3854 (5).jpg
Golf Croquet 10+ Singles Tournament, 5th April 2023
for the 'Green Ball' Trophy
5 April - Dee McKibbin and Michael Marcel reach final of the 10+ Singles day-tournament

Dee McKibbin and Michael Marcel won through to their tournament final today, before essential ground maintenance works had to take priority, forcing a postponement of the final to a later date - subsequently decided to be 19 April by mutual agreement.


Having had such a wet Spring, our splendid groundsman Mark and his team had not been able to complete the top-dressing works that follow the solid tining undertaken a couple of weeks ago, and this afternoon presented a narrow window of opportunity before more forecast rain tomorrow.

So, unfortunately yet understandably, the climax of today's  tournament was the casualty.

The day started well with everyone arriving on time which allowed a prompt start with expeditious play in the first two rounds of three in the blocks phase.

Round 3 was rather more disjointed and three games were very delayed in finishing and, with others taking far too long over a simple sandwich lunch, the afternoon programme (which was already on a tighter than usual schedule), got an unhelpful staggered start.

X-Games (for those not making the last 8 main knockout) were organised as players became available, to get as many games in as possible.

Star of the morning was Sue Rumford (seeded 15 of 16) who won all three of her games, a feat equalled by Carol Huntington and Aly Warren.

Rumford fell in the quarter-finals to McKibbin, while Marcel, Warren and Alastair Broom beat Huntington, Stuart Crippen and Julia Green respectively.

In two close semi-finals, Marcel bear Broom 7-5, and Mckibbin survived a spirited comeback from Warren to win 7-4.

And that was it, as groundsman Mark closed in with the top-dressing machinery, the hoops were removed to the side of the courts and the players went to the bar! 

The final will be played at 1200 on 19 April by McKibbin and Marcel's agreement, and they also went with the 'bast of three' games option offered by manager Frances Colman, who had officiated all day, along with referee duties that were supported by Andy Jones and Helena Fensome.

19 April - Dee McKibbin wins the delayed final of our 10+ (Green Ball) tournament

McKibbin and Marcel agreed to contest the matter as a 'best of three' match, and it turned-out to be a close encounter and well worthy of a final.

The first game was very evenly matched, going with the 'serve' that saw toss winner Marcel's hoop score countered at the next hoops by Mckibbin's own scores, until the break came at hoop 7 when McKibbin got into the jaws, and score to take the lead for the first time.

Again the hoops were score alternately and this eventually gave Mckibbin the first approach to hoop 13 which she converted to win the game 7-6.

The second game was quite different and Marcel lead throughout to win comfortably 3-7, before the tables were turned again in the deciding third game, where McKibbin got away well and stayed in command to win 7-4, for game, match and tournament victory.

There was some impressive play here today from both players with Marcel's repeated centre ball clearances and McKibbin's excellent confident hoop running very much in evidence.

McKibbin was duly presented with the Green Ball trophy.

Congratulations Dee

Green ball results 3QF (April 2023).JPG
Green ball results 3F (April 2023).JPG
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