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Tournaments away from Phyllis Court, 2023

You are encouraged to enter National B-Level (3+) and C-Level (7+) Series tournaments at PCC and elsewhere.

Entering tournaments away from Phyllis Court is not a scary as it sounds because there are Series of tournaments pitched at different playing ability levels and, as with our own internal offerings, there is something here for all standards. In 2022 over 20 members did just this – how about you joining them this year?

You are encouraged to enter other clubs’ tournaments and particularly those in the B & C-Level Series rosters which are displayed here.  Additionally, Phyllis Court is hosting three tournaments that contribute to three of the National Series.

Chris Roberts can provide you with the details of any tournaments that interest you, and will guide your through the entry process.

Start at the C-Level Series now and who knows where your croquet career will take you!!
Rob Eagle is only just starting his second year of croquet, yet has entered no fewer than 12 National C-Level (7+) Series tournaments around the country this year, and when Patricia Mulcahy played in a similar number in 2022, she ended up being the Most Improved Female GC Player in the World, and won a national award!

All our members who have played in ‘outside' tournaments report on what a good and friendly time they had had competing at other clubs!

Entry to these Nationally Advertised tournaments, is via a Croquet Association’s on-line entry system –

Chris Roberts can help you with what to enter and how - call him on 07973 787710.


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