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Golf Croquet Restricted Doubles Tournament, 13th September 2023
for the Cave & Wolfe Salvers
Winners Dee Mckibbin & Alastair Broom won the
Setlla Cave and Josephine Wolfe Salvers.

Runners-up Frances Colman & Paul Franklin won the Hilda Dobson Cups.

13 September 2023 - Dee McKibbin & Alastair Broom win our Restriced Doubles 'Cave & Wolfe' tournament
Whilst most pairs went with high-low handicapper partnerships, the Restricted Doubles tournament was won today my two closer match players, Dee Mckibbin (5) and Alastair Broom (6).
By consensus this was one of your most enjoyable tournament of the season - largely down to the minimum 10+ Combined handicap restriction but also due to the use of timed games to ensure swift progress and a reasonably timed finish.
The morning block winners were Frances Colman (2) & Paul Franklin (7), Raghu Iyer (5) & colin Morgan (6), Andy Jones (2) & Ruth Raunkiaer (8) and Dianne Brown (3) & Hugh Crook (7), and they all qualified along with the runners-up in the four blocks.
And i was tow of those runners-up that came through to take semi-final berths and the tournament had a wide open feel to it by mid-afternoon.
Colman and Franklin beat Helena Fensome (1) & Liz Smith (11) in the closest of games by drawing level at 5-5 with one of the 'after-time'  regulation 8 last strokes, and than after a tremendous trussell they too the true 'golden hoop' to win 6-5.
In the other semi Mckibbin and Broom got home 7-5 within the allocated time, and as others played off for the middling and minor places, all was set for what looked like being a very close final.
Colman and Franklin lost their sixth toss of the day and so were on familiar territory in having to chase yet another game.
McKibbin & Broom had their noses in front throughout and broke away to a two hoop lead in the second half of the untimed final, eventually wrapping up the contest at the 12th hoop, 7-5.
10+ Combo Doubles (CW) (13 Sep 2023) - block results.jpg
10+ Combo Doubles (CW) (13 Sep 2023) - block allocations.jpg
10+ Combo Doubles (C&W) (13 Sep 2023) - plate knock-out grid.jpg
10+ Combo Doubles (C&W) (13 Sep 2023) - plate knock-out grid.jpg
10+ Combo Doubles (C&W) (13 Sep 2023) - handicaps.jpg
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