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GC Women's Advantage Singles Tournament, 19th June 2023
for the 'Pink Ball' Trophy
19 June - Carol Huntington wins the Women's Advantage Tournament

Carol Huntington was undefeated today at the Women's Advantage Singles tournament and won the new pink ball trophy.

It tuned out that her first three games were her closest, each ending in 7-5 wins despite different Advantage starting scores against Liz Smith, Carol Wadsworth and Hilary Cowley.

Patricia Mulcahy was the most accomplished player on national ranking and handicap on the day ad so had the biggest Advantage leads to claw back and she did well to be undefeated after three of the five rounds.

But round four proved pivotal when Huntington scored early to make Mulcahy's task harder and the former pulled away for a comfortable victory in that match and did likewise in the last round over Marie Pearce.

 Finishing order: Carol Huntington (5 wins from 5 games), Patricia Mulcahy (3 wins), Liz Smith (3), Carol Wadsworth (2), Marie Pearce (1), Hilary Cowley (1).

Congratulations Carol

Pink ball grid-page0001.jpg
Winner Carol Huntington
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