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AC 7+ Advanced Tournament (PC/Blewbury), 30th & 31st May 2023

This was a close one that looked likely to be ending in a 4-way tie for most of the last round of five.

Fortunately for managers Chris Roberts and Frances Colman, the results fell the right way and Michael Newman (Woking CC)  was the only player to achieve 4 wins from his 5 games, and so was the clear winner.

Phyllis Court players Raghu Iyer (last year's winner) and Robin Coates didn't fair so well this time.

Finishing order: Michael Newman (Woking, 4 wins), Julian Gibson (Middlesbrough, 3), Stephen Wingrove (Purley Bury, 3), Tony Mayer (Swindon, 3), Brian Jamieson (Blewbury, 2), Steve Fisher (Blewbury, 2), Raghu Iyer (Phyllis Court,2), Robin Coates (Phyllis Court, 1).

AC Midweek Handicap Tournament (PC Blewbury) 30th and 31st May 2023.jpg
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