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Winners of The Caversham Plate for the Doubles Competition

1974    Mrs H Bolton & Mr H G T Bolton

1975    Mrs D Whiteman & Richard Rothwell

1976    Mrs Betty Weitz & Professor Bernard Weitz

1977    Horace Wagnell & Tony Boucher

1978    Horace Wagnell & Tony Boucher

1979    Miss Angela Searle & R S ("Smokey") Eades

1980    Mrs Betty Weitz & Professor Bernard Weitz

1981    Miss Angela Searle & R S ("Smokey") Eades

1982    Mrs Joyce Barnes & Bertram Barnes

1983    Mrs Audrey Croker & David Croker

1984    Mrs Audrey Croker & David Croker

1985    Miss Angela Searle & R S ("Smokey") Eades

1986    Mrs D Tighe & Steven Wright

1987    Mrs Audrey Croker & David Croker

1988    Mrs Margaret Cotterell & Ken Cotterell

1989    - not contested -

Winners of The Caversham Plate for the Singles Tournament

1990    Ken Cotterell

1991    Ken Cotterell

1992    R S ("Smokey") Eades

1993    Ralph Connell

1994    Miss Angela Searle

1995    R S ("Smokey") Eades

1996    Dorrien Belson

1997    Dr Helen Walker

1998    Mrs Elizabeth O'Dair

1999    Keith Noble                   

2000    Mrs Margaret Cotterell

2001    Dr Helen Walker

2002    Brian Bucknall

2003    TJ Johansen

2004    D Pilgrim

2005    TJ Johansen

2006    Brian Bucknall

2007    Brian Bucknall

2008    Mrs Elizabeth O'Dair

2009    Mrs E Robinson

2010    Mrs E Robinson

2011    Chris Roberts

2012    Chris Roberts

2013    Mrs Frances Colman

2014    Mrs Elizabeth O'Dair

2015    Harry Midgley

2016    Richard Peperell

2017    Raghu Iyer

2018    Robin Coates

2019    Richard Peperell

2020    Raghu Iyer

2021    Raghu Iyer

2022    Rick Lilley

2023    Roger Goldring

The Caversham Plate

The Caversham Plate is one of our oldest trophies.  It has its origins in the Caversham Croquet Club, not the one we know today (which formed in 1993), but a private club run by Dr. Tony Boucher from his home in Derby Road, Caversham, which had a full-sized croquet lawn.  By 1973, the Caversham club had become dormant, Dr. Boucher having retired, sold his house and moved to Henley.  The Caversham Trophy (as it is known by its inscription) had been donated to the Caversham club by two of its members, Professor Bernard Weitz and his wife, Betty.  The PCCC AGM in November 1973 records that the trophy was offered on loan to Phyllis Court and gratefully accepted as a trophy for a doubles competition.  Accordingly it was won in 1974 by Mr. & Mrs. Bolton.  It is not known the extent to which the trophy was competed for at the Caversham club, but the Boltons in 1974 are the first winners to have their names engraved on the trophy.


In 1990, with the donation to the club of the two Greenbury Bowls trophies, which were used for this doubles competition, the Caversham Plate was reassigned to the winner of a singles AC tournament, generally played in the summer or autumn, and it has been used for this purpose and competed for every year since.

The Zia Sterling Cup

The Zia Sterling Cup was presented to the club in 1994 by Mrs. Zia Stirling, who had written to the club at the beginning of the year offering to donate a cup to be presented each year to the beginner who shows ‘the most improvement during the season’.  Her letter suggests it should be given to a player ‘in their first season’.   The cup bears the inscription "For the most improved Association Croquet beginner".  Thus in that first year, it was awarded to Lionel Wilding, the winner of a one-day AC tournament restricted in time and to new/novice members with a handicap of 20 or above.  By 1996, however, the tournament was singled out as the one AC events which was not well supported and needed new entrants, and it was decided to open it up to all members with handicaps over 20.  However it was still not supported in 1997, so it was decided not to charge an entry fee in 1998 and the then principal AC trainer, Wing Commander Jock McElwain, was urged to encourage learners to compete.  However, again in 1998, the high bisque competitive events were poorly supported, so from 1999 it was decided to restructure the long-running and successful Autumn AC tournament, restricting the main tournament to those with handicap of 18 and below, and running a tournament in parallel for those with handicap over 18, the winner of which was awarded the Zia Stirling Cup.  That is the basis on which the cup has been awarded ever since, although with the continued decline in AC at the club until very recent times, there were years in which the cup was not awarded due to lack of entrants.

Winners of the Zia Sterling Cup

1995    Lionel Wilding

1996    J Hicks

1997    Mrs E Robinson

1998    F A Cronk

1999    Robert Mulligan

2000    Mrs M Tong

2001    Mrs G Hinton

2002    J Tankard

2003    Mrs G Hinton    

2004    Mrs Jane Mulligan

2005    Mrs Jane Mulligan

2006    J Beavis

2007    Robert Mulligan

2008    - not awarded -

2009    - not awarded -

2010    - not awarded -

2011    Michael Wiles

2012    Raghu Iyer

2013    Ray Broadhead

2014    Mrs Joanna Iyer

2015    Mrs Helena Fensome

2016    Mrs Joanna Iyer

2017    - not awarded -

2018    Michael Christmas

2019    Michael Christmas

2020    - not awarded -

2021    Roger Goldring

2022    Kevin Ward

2023    Paul Franklin

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