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28 May

Won 4-0

SCF AC Handicap League

Our Association Handicap team enjoyed another satisfying win in the SCF AC Handicap league today, but all four games were timed out with close scores.

Caversham arrived in good time to start our match in glorious sunshine, with the courts looing in excellent condition.

The sun shine of the last few days had dried the court significantly and ball control was somewhat difficult for players on both sides.

Raghu (AC handicap 10) was matched against Michael Kay (4) and after a slow start in which Iyer used up all his bisques without much gain, most of the match was effectively played level with Iyer coming through to win 16-11.

Robin Coates (11) played Bob Eales (11), so a 'no bisques' game in which Coates managed an early lead after a good hit in when Bob got stuck in hoop 1. Thereafter, Coates maintained a small lead a very close game finished 16-14.

Roger Goldring (16) made a fine start against Mark Keogh (14) making 9 hoops with his 2 bisques but then the game slowed down and finally a Goldring win 15-9.

Kevin Ward (16) and Charles Briggs (16), both had a difficult game without any bisques and Ward came out on top 10-6.

Well played everyone!
A v Camerton & Peasedown 1-Apr-2023.JPG
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