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East Dorset 'B'



24 April

Draw 3-3

SCF B-level League

Heavy rain that quickly produced standing water this afternoon, resulted in the early curtailment of this first SCF B-League fixture of the season.

Andy Jones and Chris Roberts put in good effort pushing the Bowdry water removal machine ahead of the play of two matches that were close to finishing as the rain poured down.

This allowed those two matches to be completed to make the fixture score 3-3, with a further two matches left unfinished.

A 'provisional' draw was agreed between the teams, with the proviso that, if the League title ends up being dependent on the completion of this fixture, East Dorset's David Fuller will return to Phyllis Court to complete his two outstanding matches (v Andy Jones and Raghu Iyer) which are suspended at one game apiece.

Of the completed matches, Russel Robinson and Raghu Iyer were morning winners, whilst Dianne Browne lost 5-7 twice.

And in the afternoon, Jones got the third win for Phyllis Court, as Robinson and Browne put up good fights before going down in deciding third games.
A v Camerton & Peasedown 1-Apr-2023.JPG
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