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Camerton & Peasedown



4 April

Won 6-1

Inter-Club Championship (First Round)

Phyllis Court 'A' cruised to a comfortable 6 - 1 victory over visitors Camerton & Peasedown in the national Inter-Club Championship first round today.

Robin Coates and Roger Goldring were each pressed to a 7-6 result on one of their games, but both recorded straight game victories over their morning and afternoon singles opponents and Ian Norris (playing at number 2) was also undefeated throughout his morning doubles (partnering Chris Roberts) and afternoon singles.

Camerton's Andy Loakes was on fire in the afternoon 1 v 1 rubber and he hit Chris Roberts centre ball repeatedly from up to 14 yards in a quite remarkable display that earned him a thoroughly deserved personal victory and consolation for Camerton.

Phyllis Court 'A' will now play defending National Champions Roehampton in the last 16 of this competition, in an unusual afternoon / evening match on Friday 5 May (starting at 1500).
A v Camerton & Peasedown 1-Apr-2023.JPG
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